We need a new strategy on Brexit…

Paul Mason writes…

Sign our Petition! With two hours to go until the first exit poll, all we know about the results of the European parliament elections are that the turnout was high in Remain-voting areas, and that – on the doorstep – Labour activists report serious hostility to our line on Brexit.

There are, as always, rumours that the right of the party will use the projected poor results to launch a second “chicken coup” against Jeremy Corbyn. Let’s hope it meets the same fate as the first.

But the party has serious questions to answer: it looks like Labour will lose seats and percentage share. I will post updates when we know more.

But for now, together with other pro-Corbyn activists, LEFT2030 has decided to launch a petition to the Labour leader calling for an internal ballot of all members on the proposal: to commit to a confirmatory vote on any Brexit deal, and to back Remain in that vote.

We need clarity either way. Click here to sign the petition – and please sign if you can. We aim to hand it over to Jeremy’s office next Friday. There will be regular updates on the LEFT2030.org website.

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