The People’s Plan

  1. End austerity. Promote hi-tech growth, high wages and an expanded non-profit sector.
  2. A planned and rapid transition towards zero carbon and circular economy, with a clear programme to halt the collapse of bio-diversity and mitigate climate chaos.
  3. Re-industrialise the economy and rebuild our towns with a strategic industrial plan.
  4. Free basic services for all: comprehensive healthcare, education to university level and local transport, with rents and mortgage repayments capped by law.
  5. End neoliberalism, privatisation, marketisation and outsourcing. Comprehensive democratic ownership of all public services by the state and the community.
  6. Build a humane welfare system without the means test or coercion.
  7. Restore and enhance trade union rights for all, from day one, aiming at massive re-unionisation of the workforce.
  8. Build equality and human rights into the economy with a 21st century bill of rights and a written constitution. Fight for data sovereignty and a sustainable digital economy.
  9. Decentralise the state, promoting local and workplace democracy, abolishing the House of Lords and reforming the electoral system.
  10. Put forward a humane, open immigration policy, and protect democracy and shared institutions from the rising threat of authoritarianism and nationalism.

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