New Horizons


As we are being driven over the cliff edge by the Prime Minister, unless we fix our eyes on the horizon, we will not open our wings and soar above the current crises but sink into the depths.

While Labour put down firm foundations through its 2017 Manifesto, when we fly above the current situation, we can fix our hope on a very different future. This will re-energised us in political purpose and possibility.

Socialism has always been about delivering hope, and as the spirit of the 1945 Government demonstrated, dreams can be rooted in practical reality, with a lasting legacy.

We don’t just want another list of policies that we can tick off, but a politics that defines our society, and imbeds the possibility of a just world.

As we look to 2030, we want to see an economy which does equalise our society, where everybody is fulfilled and rewarded for their efforts. We want our public services to address the very needs that exist personally and within our communities. We want to ensure that the basics like a home, a good education, and universal health and social care are a human right. And ultimately want to be addressing the macro questions that are challenging our geopolitical world.

Labour’s ambition to lead a new Europe as a platform for fundamental reform and global fairness should be, at the very least, a starting point. In a world seized with floods and famines, conflict and population migration, Labour should be the voice that offers hope to their causation as well was their restitution. The de-escalation of global tensions, the realisation of our economic responsibility to tackle injustice and our absolute priority to reverse the devastating impact of climate change, at the heart of all global ills, must be our ambition.

Therefore, how we do politics in our world riven with divisions is pivotal. The building of walls and borders goes against our values, and yet the world is becoming more polarised. Just take our communities. While clearly instigated by the neo-capitalism of Thatcher, breaking the post-war consensus, the 2016 Referendum put a laser spot light on the divisions that exist across the United Kingdom. Unleashing this might have been a necessity, however the interpretation of the Referendum should not have been who edged just ahead of the other, but that our country divided. It is the responsibility of Parliament to read the times, not just jump to the conclusions. So, unless we heal the divisions in our nation, we cannot have hope.

Ten years of austerity has divided every part of our country, and a radical, reforming Government must pour its energy into its restoration. We can then build the platforms that can heal our broken planet. How we do this together, over the next decade, will set the compass as we dare to open our wings, and even our minds, and soar.

Rachael Maskell MP
York Central

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