LEFT2030 is a network of activists in the Labour Party fighting for radical left-wing, internationalist policies and a People’s Plan – to save the planet, rebuild our fractured economy and defend democracy.

Our aim is to build a network of Labour Party members to help design, and fight for, a 25 year project to transform Britain.

Joining LEFT2030 is free. Just sign up with your contact details, branch and constituency and trade union if possible.

As the crunch comes over Brexit, this is just one of many struggles we will have to fight, in which the new thinking, new tactics, new forms of organisation will have to be evolved.

We are passionate supporters of the left movement that put Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell into the leadership of the Labour Party – but we also want to set the left agenda with new thinking through to the middle of this century and beyond.

Radical leadership of our party is vital but it’s not the end of the story. We also need a movement that is discussing and debating the ideas we need to win.

LEFT2030 is a network to formulate policies around social justice, climate change, human security, democracy and telling a new story in Britain’s poorest communities that can resist nationalism, racism, sexism and homophobia.

We are internationalists, pluralists and democrats. We want to build socialism from below, and we believe in the collective wisdom of the mass movement.

There are many different ways to organise the left – from deliberative meetings, to online polling, to establishing policy, to swarming around consensus objectives. We think there is a place for all of these methods and mechanisms. Our point of unity is that we believe in pluralism and genuine democracy within Labour and beyond it.

The initial agenda of LEFT2030 is summarised in a ten-point People’s Plan. We will produce detailed policies and conduct debates around this initial agenda with the aim of taking it into the Labour policymaking process before the next election.

Our aim is to ensure Labour goes forward as an internationalist party, capable of taking the fight for a tolerant, open society onto the streets and doorsteps of Britain, with a leadership responsive to its members, and a set of MPs signed up to the core agenda.

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